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Specific expertise

Inter Terminals is a market leader in end of plant logistics engineering with a proven expertise in increasing overall plant efficiency by improving turnaround of road, rail, ship and pipeline transfers.

Storage facilities
tanks and systems: carbon and stainless steel. New build, inspect, repair and refurbish including all associated systems, eg heating and insulation, linings, gauging, bunding and paving

pressure storage: new build, inspect, repair and refurbish including all associated systems, eg refrigeration and insulation, gauging and instrumentation.

Intermodal distribution
by road: top or bottom loading / unloading of road barrels and ISO containers, including access road development

by rail: top or bottom loading / unloading of railcars, including modification and installation of sidings as required

by ship / barge: marine loading or unloading systems, including jetty modification

by pipeline: local and overland pipelines connecting facilities with users / producers

Safety standards
modification of existing loading / unloading gantries to improve prevention of falls from height.

automation of loading systems for road, rail, marine and pipeline to reduce manual input and reduce potential for overfill incidents.

fire-fighting: new facilities or upgrade / expansion of existing

drainage: provision of segregated drainage systems and treatment of contaminated drainwater prior to discharge

electrical capacity: supply upgrades – new transformers / distribution panels

extensive pipe routes: elevated and ground level piperacks, elevated jetty access racks

Specialised systems
drumming: full systems for empty and full drum handling logistics, plus drum filling systems for hazardous materials

additive injection: multiple additives systems for injection to existing or new loading systems

blending: in-line blending systems for road vehicle loading to eliminate the need for batch blending. Batch blending systems where required by customer’s high value products.

documentation systems for projects involving high value or high quality products demanding sophisticated verification and validation protocols, eg pharmaceutical or aviation fuels industries.

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Specific expertise