1100m³ per hour at Immingham storage

Simon Storage Ltd (“Simon”) has completed the latest phase of its investment programme to deliver major improvements to pipeline systems serving Simon’s storage facilities and jetties at its Immingham Terminals located on the south bank of the River Humber. This programme has led to significant improvements to product transfer rates as well as highly flexible tankage and pipeline configurations suitable for handling an increasing numbers of product grades.

In 2005 Simon recognised the requirement to upgrade its infrastructure to meet the product transfer standards for the adjacent refineries operated by ConocoPhillips and Total. At the same time, some of the UK’s leading oil traders have also been attracted to Immingham Storage by the combination of flexible and up to date facilities, as well as the prime location that Immingham Storage offers.

Initially Simon focused on upgrading heavy fuel oil facilities. 25,360m3 of heated and insulated storage has been refurbished to date, together with construction of new interlinking pipelines. A new energy efficient steam raising plant was also installed. Simon was vindicated in making the investment and has seen volumes handled through these facilities exceed all expectations.

The Simon team then focused on making significant improvements to white oil facilities. In 2005 and 2006 two construction phases saw a new 12” pipeline constructed from Simon’s East Terminal to the nearby refinery facilities to complement an existing 10” pipeline along with the installation of two 415V 200 kW pumps capable of a combined transfer rate of 1000m3/hr. This was followed in December 2008 by the installation and commissioning of two 3.3 Kv soft start 355 kW pump systems capable of delivering hydrocarbons at a combined rate of at least 1100m3/hr into the local refinery network. The same pumps are also now being used for product exports to the Immingham jetties, capable of handling up to 50,000 tonne vessels.

At Simon’s Immingham West Terminal, further new pipelines and pumping systems were installed in 2008 to enable biodiesel to be transferred by pipeline for blending operations. January 2009 has seen 15,000 m3 of new storage commissioned for white oils. Further investments are planned for 2009 aimed at enabling bioethanol to be handled by pipeline, as well as bringing a further 35,500m3 of storage presently under construction at the East Terminal into service.

Keith Jackson, Senior Terminal Manager at the Immingham Terminals, commented “I am delighted to see the plans made over the past three years come to fruition as new facilities have been designed, constructed and commissioned for our customers. We place a high value on our business relationships with the local refineries as well as with the oil traders. Simon’s strategic investment in infrastructure at Immingham will provide our customers with a new range of stocking and marketing opportunities through these new assets, which in turn underlines Simon’s commitment as a service provider.”