Mitsui connects to the Immingham bio-ethanol hub

A significant new contract between Simon Storage (“Simon”) and global trading and services company, Mitsui & Co Deutschland GmbH (“Mitsui”), will see bio-ethanol being stored at Simon’s Immingham West Terminal (“the Terminal”). Located on England’s East Coast, the Terminal gives Mitsui a bio-ethanol storage and distribution hub with convenient transport links to growing UK and international markets for bio-ethanol. Bioethanol will be received and redelivered by sea (via the Immingham West Jetty) and by road, and offered to off takers already storing products at the Terminal.

Simon’s in-house engineering team is managing a range of new build works and tank modifications to meet the new bio-ethanol storage contract, including new pipeline receipt and redelivery systems. In addition, facilities are being configured by Simon to provide Mitsui with the flexibility to respond quickly to changing market requirements by providing the ability to segregate differing status product and to denature bio-ethanol in tank as and when required to make UK standard TSDA (Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol).

Tank modifications for the project include new protective tank linings to protect against stress corrosion cracking, the installation of overfill safety systems linked to ROSOVs (remotely operated shut-off valves) in accordance with process safety standards recommended post Buncefield, and fitting automatic tank gauges linked into Simon’s Terminal Automation and Stock Control System (TASCS). The tanks are also designed to allow in-tank nitrogen blanketing facilities to be fitted at a later stage in the contract. Subsequent connection to a metered supply of nitrogen to each tank vapour space will help to protect the tank and stored product against ingress of air and moisture.

In addition to storing and handling bio-ethanol received by sea, Simon will provide Mitsui with dedicated facilities at the Terminal for discharging product into storage from road vehicles, and for onward distribution of product by road. Monitored by TASCS, product redelivery by road will be via an automated bottom road loading gantry capable of pumping product at up to 80m³/hr. Interface to the vehicle electrical system via a proprietary SCULLY system is also provided.

Martyn Lyons, Managing Director of Simon Storage Ltd, says the prestigious new contract with Mitsui reflects growing demand for bio-ethanol storage facilities. He comments: “Our two terminals at Immingham are already handling thousands of tonnes of bio-ethanol every year and this looks set to continue rising in line with increased use of biofuels to cut carbon emissions. Simon can offer the specialist expertise and storage flexibility that trading companies like Mitsui need to stay at the forefront of this fast moving sector. Simon’s Immingham Terminals also offer such clients a major logistical advantage over the UK’s West Coast facilities in terms of shorter and more direct routes to and from Continental Europe’s major ports, as well as easier access to the developing transit terminals of Eastern Europe. Our internal Group HMRC Compliance Adviser, Steve Shaw, has also proved invaluable in providing Simon Storage with necessary advice on compliance with the complex UK duty and VAT regime legislation.”