Simon supplies specialist storage and handling for purified phosphoric acid

Simon’s Immingham East Terminal is providing a specialist storage and handling solution for the Prayon Group, one of Europe’s leading producers of purified phosphoric acid. A customer for many years, Prayon has underlined its commitment to serving the UK market through a new long term contract whereby 85% concentrated purified phosphoric acid manufactured in Prayon’s production plant in Belgium is received into storage via Immingham East’s deep water jetty on the River Humber. Located on England’s East Coast, Immingham offers a valuable logistical advantage over the UK’s West Coast facilities in terms of shorter and more direct routes to and from Continental Europe’s major ports.

Product is stored for Prayon in dedicated stainless steel tankage at the Terminal prior to onward distribution by road to the company’s customers throughout the UK. Simon has modified two stainless steel tanks at the Terminal, each fitted with heat conservation lagging, automatic tank gauging and over fill protection systems, as well as external thermostatically controlled heating systems to maintain in-tank temperature at the required level. In addition, Simon has also provided a dedicated stainless steel import line for purified phosphoric acid, to ensure product quality.

Provision of dedicated road tanker loading facilities to meet the specification of Prayon’s UK customers was a key element of the contract. Simon is providing a completely closed road loading system incorporating metered batch controlled loading, over fill detection and an associated remotely operated shut off valve which will close in the event of overfill being detected. Together with a fully traced and lagged liquid line the system is designed to protect the driver from product exposure during loading. Provision has also been made for water dilution to specific concentrations by means of a batch controlled metered water supply also provided at the same gantry. The new investment in the fully integrated package establishes Prayon’s UK distribution hub for purified phosphoric acid for the years ahead.

Together with the adjacent Immingham West Terminal, Simon’s Immingham East Terminal forms part of the UK’s most comprehensive independent storage facility. The Terminals have the capability to handle a wide range of products, from acids and alkalis to bulk commodity chemicals and high purity pharmaceutical and industrial gases. Both Immingham terminals are also COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) Upper Tier sites and participate in the CDI-T (Chemicals Distribution Institute – Terminals) inspection programme. Offering state-of-the art logistics infrastructure, the terminal complex provides a strategic storage location for both exporters and importers looking to optimise their distribution networks. campaign which will be ‘TAKE 2 with tanker drivers.’