Simon provides storage hub for harvest energy’s expansion into AVGAS market

Simon Storage has started storing AVGAS 100LL at its Immingham East Terminal for Harvest Energy. The new contract supports Harvest’s expansion into the UK aviation gasoline market while the company continues to strengthen its presence in the UK’s road fuels market.

Under the contract Simon is providing Harvest Energy with a complete receipt, storage, and road loading package for AVGAS 100LL used to power piston-engine aircraft. Product is received by sea into the Immingham East Terminal via a dedicated flexible hose linked to a stainless steel import line. Specialist aviation gasoline storage is provided by a 5,625m3 storage tank equipped with an automatic tank gauging system with monitored flow rates. The tank incorporates a Safety Instrumented System rated to Safety Integrity Level 2 overfill protection, which is linked to an independent High Level probe. A temperature indicator and water draw-off facility are also installed on the tank.

Product is dispatched from the Terminal by road tanker to Harvest Energy’s AVGAS 100LL customers. The aviation gasoline is bottom loaded to vehicles via a 4 inch positive displacement pump delivering up to 66m3/hr and incorporating both high temperature and dry run protection. The loading facilities also include a product filtering system and HMRC-approved semi-intelligent mechanical batch meter. For additional safety and security during the road loading operation, Simon has installed earth and overfill protection which is monitored by a Scully vehicle management system.

As part of a complete service package, Simon’s bespoke TASCS (Terminal Automation Stock Control System) incorporating real-time web portal access gives Harvest Energy direct access to live information concerning movement of AVGAS 100LL in and out of the Terminal.

In accordance with product stewardship procedures for storing this particular grade of aviation fuel, Simon ensured that all relevant operational staff completed in-house Certificate of Analysis Batch Compliance checks for supportive fuel analysis. Stringent procedural quality checks for the contract’s import and export operations have also been established.

The contract to store AVGAS 100LL represents a further strengthening of the partnership between Simon Storage and Harvest Energy. A substantial proportion of road and commercial fuels tankage at Simon’s Seal Sands Terminal is currently utilised by Harvest Energy to supply its growing customer base. Simon also provides the company with specialist biofuels blending to comply with the RTFO as well as storage of raw materials for the biodiesel production plant operated by Harvest at Seal Sands.