Swedish Terminals

In Sweden, Inter Terminals operates four terminals at the ports of Gothenburg, Malmö, Södertälje and Gävle. Occupying prime positions that cover both the west coast and Baltic Sea product flows, the terminals provide specialist storage, handling, and distribution for a diverse range of products including fuel oil, diesel, jet fuel, vacuum gas oil (VGO) and bitumen.

The four-terminal complex has a combined capacity of 1,179,000m³ in 149 tanks and five rock caverns. Storage consists of mild, coated and stainless steel tanks and rock caverns (at Gothenberg) of various sizes and configurations. Storage facilities are complemented by connecting pipeline infrastructure for tank-to-tank transfers, imports and exports by ship, barge, rail car and road tanker. In certain locations, infrastructure is interconnected with nearby industry and refineries.

History and development
Inter Terminals’ parent company, Inter Pipeline, acquired the four storage terminals in Sweden from Royal Vopak in June 2015. With terminals in Denmark and now in Sweden, Inter Pipeline is currently the largest independent bulk liquid storage company in Scandinavia.

Benefitting from historically high investment levels, the Swedish terminals offer some of the region’s most comprehensive and sophisticated storage, blending and automated loading facilities. With their strategic locations and extensive infrastructure, the facilities serve a well-diversified customer base that spans both regional and global markets.