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First choice for chemicals

Inter Terminals is a leading independent supplier of specialist storage and handling services for the chemical industry, offering an extensive range of facilities, logistical solutions and management services to meet virtually any chemical industry requirement. We also have a wealth of engineering expertise to upgrade, expand and construct facilities within our own terminals and at customers’ sites, and can design and install advanced automation systems for stock management and road loading.

Our terminals serve major chemical clusters, ensuring easy access to major petrochemical and industrial complexes, plus road, rail and shipping routes for receipt and onward distribution of chemical products.

Our facilities can accommodate a wide range of petroleum and chemical liquids and gases which are used in a broad range of applications varying from textile fibre production, through pharmaceutical and personal care products, to food stuffs and fuels for domestic and transport applications.

Safe and efficient facilities can be provided for the storage and handling of hazardous materials. The facilities are tailor-made to address hazards of the substances and requirements, or specifications, of the customer. Available facilities include features such as stainless steel containment, chemical-resistant linings, inert gas blanketing, liquefied gas storage, and heated facilities for molten products.

First choice for chemicals