Unique sustainability initiative behind storage of road salt in the Port of Södertälje

9 October 2023 Inter Terminals Sodertalje tank storage terminal

Together with the mineral distributor GC Rieber Salt, the logistics company Inter Terminals Sweden will store calcium chloride at its facility in the Port of Södertälje. The calcium chloride, which will be used for dust control on gravel roads and for industrial purposes, is extracted from fly ash using the environmental company Ragn-Sells’ Ash2Salt technology.

“We aim to be the most sustainable mineral distributor in the Nordic region, and with this project we are going from words to action. We look forward to working together with Inter Terminals and Ragn-Sells in a collaboration that will enable us to offer calcium chloride with a significantly lower climate footprint. Circular salts represent an important step towards achieving a society without net emissions and reducing the use of fossil products”, says Per Gunnar Syrdalen, Marketing Director at GC Rieber Salt.

As part of the transition towards fossil-free flows, Inter Terminals will offer calcium chloride storage and logistics services to the Nordic mineral distributor GC Rieber Salt at its facility in the Port of Södertälje. The calcium chloride is extracted from fly ash using the environmental company Ragn-Sells’ innovative “Ash2Salt” method and will be used in circular flows and new products. The project goes by the name “Salt-i-Tälje” and will commence in the autumn of 2023 with the redevelopment of Inter Terminals’ facility for adaptation to the storage of calcium chloride mixed with water. Inter Terminals’ facility in the Port of Södertälje will store 5,000 tonnes of product, with the start of operations planned for April 2024.

“The Salt-i-Tälje project is completely in line with our strategy of playing a leading role in the green transition in our industry, and working with recycled materials is a completely new and very interesting segment for us. We are full of enthusiasm at the prospect of being able to implement this project together with GC Rieber Salt and other parties”, says Johan Zettergren, Managing Director of Inter Terminals Sweden.

Efficient technology with multiple benefits
Around 300,000 tonnes of fly ash are produced in Sweden each year in connection with the cleaning of flue gases from waste incineration. The ash contains large amounts of valuable raw materials such as potassium, sodium and calcium in salt form. These salts are extracted at Ragn-Sells’ Ash2Salt facility in Bro, just outside Stockholm, while environmental toxins are removed at the same time. The calcium chloride is used, among other things, for dust control on gravel roads.

“If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we need to make it easier for as many businesses and people as possible to use recycled raw materials. It is therefore extremely positive that recycled salt from the Ash2Salt facility will be able to reach a larger customer base through transshipment to ships”, says Jonas Wibom, Business Development Manager at Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox.

Per Fredman, Deputy CEO of the Port of Södertälje, has the following comment regarding the initiative:

“The Port of Södertälje strives to achieve long-term sustainable development for people, the climate and the environment. We feel very positive about the fact that one of our customers is contributing to a sustainable transition and that an environmental problem can be turned into a sustainable alternative for making roads less dusty in the summer.”

For more information about the project, please contact:
Per Fredriksson, Sales Manager at Inter Terminals, +46 31 722 84 59

Per Gunnar Syrdalen, Marketing Director at GC Rieber Salt, +47 909 71 323

Jonas Wibom, Business Development Manager, +46 10 723 27 67

About ITS

Inter Terminals Sweden (ITS) is a leading and independent supplier of storage and related logistics services for liquid bulk energy and materials for local, regional and global customers.

ITS offers its customers a wide range of premium, safe and cost-efficient services through multi-modal terminals with well-maintained assets in attractive and busy locations in Göteborg, Malmö, Södertälje and Gävle.

Within its trade, ITS aims to take a leading role in a transition to sustainable liquid bulk energy & materials.

About the Port of Södertälje

The Port of Södertälje has a unique location in one of Sweden’s most expansive regions. The central infrastructure can be reached within five minutes, and 3.5 million people can be reached by road within two hours. The daily operations include loading and unloading of ships, transshipment to and from road/rail transporters, warehousing and terminal operations.

About Ragn-Sells

Ragn-Sells is a family owned corporate group, with operations in four countries. We started our journey in 1881, and since 1966 we have been involved in waste management, environmental services, and recycling. We collect, treat, detoxify, and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organisations, and households so that they can become feedstock into new production processes.

About GC Rieber Salt

GC Rieber Salt supplies salts and minerals for various purposes and applications in the Nordic region. Our vision is to be the Nordic region’s most sustainable mineral distributor, and we therefore want to offer products with a low climate footprint and, not least, we want to offer circular products in order to minimise environmental and climate impact.

GC Rieber Salt is 100% owned by GC Rieber, a private, family-owned group that was founded in 1879. The group has six business areas and operates globally. In 2022, the GC Rieber group had a turnover in excess of NOK 2.2 billion, and GC Rieber Salt had a turnover in excess of NOK 1 billion.